Crude Oil

Mixture of naturally occurring hydrocarbons that is refined into diesel, gasoline, heating oil, jet fuel, kerosene and literally thousands of other products called petrochemicals. Crude oils are named according to their contents and origins, and classified according to their per unit weight (specific gravity). Heavier crude yield more heat upon burning, but have lower API gravity and market price in comparison to light (or sweet) crude.

Deepetro operates as a physical crude oil trader, our global presence, market understanding and logistical know-how allows us access to all key crude grades. We source oil from various sources such as national oil companies, oil majors and public production companies. Our deep knowledge and understanding of crude market helps us to design robust hedging programs in unstable market conditions.

Our crude supply volume continues to grow as we expand our assets in different regions worldwide allowing oil producers and oil majors to supply though effective marketing, which helps us to trade both heavy and light (sweet and sour) grades.