The downstream is the production process that involves processing the materials collected during the upstream stage into a finished product. The downstream stage further includes the actual sale of that product to other businesses, governments or private individuals. DEEPETRO has a vast product portfolio to offer to its customers.

On Site CNG / LNG Production: Utra Low Temperature Compression Technology (ULTC):

Deepetro’s strategic and technological partnership with RAG Austria provides innovative Ultra Low Temperature Compression Technology (ULTC) module for

LNG / CNG production. It is a self-sufficient and independent gas infrastructure technology with a small footprint and low investment making it a mini on site gas refinery for production of CNG / LNG.

ULTC helps in increasing the value of marginal gas by producing stranded gas, which would be inefficient by conventional applications. This assists in producing fuel for gas mobility “on demand” and serves CNG, L-CNG and LNG infrastructure – ready-made fuel on site.

Scalable production capacity
  • 4-200 bar crude gas pressure
  • Capacity 15 to 230 boe/d or 85 to 1,275 Mcf/d

Produce LNG @ 10 bar, 162 K or CNG @ 200 bar