Natural gas (mainly methane and ethane) compressed at moderate pressure but (unlike liquefied petroleum gas or LPG) cooled to -258°F to remain liquid. The volume of natural gas as liquid is 1/600th of its volume as gas. LNG is stored and transported in insulated pressure containers. In Asia, we are starting now a tremendous part in the natural gas wholesale market and have number of client base of utilities and broad propelled buyers. Our significant exchanging work domains for natural gas are in Middle East, Singapore and Russia. We are quick in all key exchanging center including India, Austria, UK, and US.

Our recent partnership with NETOIL Enterprise Inc. gives us access to LNG produced in Oman. Net Oil Oman has contracted natural gas sufficient to manufacture atleast 10.6 million tons of LNG per year for export over 20 years. With the recent shift in the mindset of customers about the flexibility of LNG as a traded commodity and placing greater confidence on the SPOT market gives Deepetro reliance to further expand and trade in the fastest growing energy commodity.