Deepali Shukla

Managing Director

Originator of Deepetro an Oil & Gas trading corporation.

Deepali is a result driven, self- impelled and imaginative directing official with an exhibited ability to make and strengthen organization assembles in order to open up association efficiency and viability.

She is knowledgeable about driving and building up all divisions of a business to make it a dynamic and flexible with tremendous social capacities and prepared to set up sensible and profitable relationship with customers, suppliers and accomplices over the world. She is a far found individual with heavenly business headway capacities with hands on experience in planning the activities of all assignments.

She likewise has incredible knowledge of supporting the organization's crucial associations and participating in promoting frameworks. With an illustrative and solid establishment in trading and overall business, Deepali has been instrumental in ensuring that all operations of the organization are managed all around in an efficient manner.

Mohammed Nageeb

Advisory Board Member

Born in 1967, Royal Commission Yanbu Industrial city, KSA, Saudi Arabia. Dr. Mohammed Nageeb holds a Philosophy Degree of Strategic Planning & Advance Projects Management. He has an extensive professional experience as an Executive Board member Industrial & Investment Development Committee including Chamber of Commerce & Industry, City Council associate member , International associate consultant for Upstream & downstream Investment and development , Marketing strategies and Investment development , research and development design consultant, City Planning & Infrastructure development consultant, Yanbu Industrial city , Royal Commission Conference & symposium. He has attended several conferences and seminars as participant which includes Advance projects Management, Industrial Forum for Conventional Industries at MENA region, Renewable Energy symposium, Intentional Oil & gas Conference, executive Leadership Management Forum , Advance Projects management at USA, Long & short Term strategic planning symposium at Belgium etc.

He is currently an advisory member for DEEPETRO. His expertise across a variety of industries would help provide strategic leadership by articulating human resource needs and plans to the executive management team, shareholders and to the board of directors.

Rogar Tamraz

Advisory Board Member

Roger Tamraz is an international banker and venture capital investor who has had an active business career in oil and gas in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and the United States since the early 1960s. Born in 1940 in Cairo, Egypt to Lebanese parents, Tamraz grew up speaking fluent English, French and Arabic. His early schooling was at the prestigious English School in Cairo. He subsequently attended the American University in Cairo, Cambridge University in a Ph.D. program, and the InstitutEuropéend’Administration (INSEAD) in Fontainebleau, France. He received an MBA in 1966 from Harvard Business School, where his classmates included many future leaders in Western and international governments and businesses. Tamraz served for many years as a member of the Board of Trustees of the American University in Cairo, where he endowed a number of named scholarships for Egyptian students of exceptional promise. Tamraz was nominated as Governor of the Central Bank in 1988.

In 1980s, Tamraz founded and built Europe’s Tamoil Corporation by purchasing and combining all of the Italian assets of Amoco (Standard Oil Company of Indiana) and of Texaco Corporation (1,000 service stations each). Prior to selling, he expanded the company to 3,000 service stations, three refineries, an extensive pipeline distribution system and a refining capacity of 250,000 barrels (40,000 m3) of oil per day. Tamoil today has annual sales of $20 billion and a market capitalization of $6.3 billion.

DEEPETRO, needs new direction. A person with his experience and insight would be the perfect person to help company determine new ground. His varied and rich intellectual heritage is company's valuable unmatched asset. He illuminates the advisory board of DEEPETRO with his knowledge and sense of decision.

Ahmed Khouri

Advisory Board Member

With experiences in banks and in the Ministry of presidential affairs in AbuDhabi, UAE

He organized different projects to mention just a few:

  • Sponsorship of Wolfburg Football Club by Etihad Airlines
  • Sponsorship of Al Jazira Football club summer camp training by Volkswagen
  • Introduction of UAE companies to United Nation’s delegation for the program “Oil Against Food”
  • From 1998 to 2004 arranged the introduction of different members of the chambers of commerce of the world to the chamber of commerce of Abudhabi
  • Actual advisor for the project of the biggest door in the world ‘Sheikh Khalifa gate’ and the encyclopedia ‘Sheikh Khalifa in the world languages