Deepetro is a technology driven company. Our technical know-how and strategic partnerships with RAG Austria has led us to increase our oil & gas technology portfolio dramatically. Deepetro technology provides most sophisticated, advance and patented technology available in the oil and gas sector. An overview of our technology portfolio for mature and super mature fields developed by RAG Austria:

Automatization & online monitoring

  • MURAG Technology (developed by RAG)
  • Performance Control of Wells
  • Remote Pump control
  • Determination of Pressure Build Up Curve for Reservoir Characterization
  • Determination of Pressure Build Up Curve for Well Interference Test
  • Downhole Condition Monitoring

Production Fluid Management (Corrosion, Scaling & Paraffin)

  • Reduction of Corrosion
  • Reduction of Paraffin problems
  • Reduction of Scaling problems

Material Selection & Material Specification for artificial lifting systems in mature and super mature fields

  • Polylined Tubing system
  • Reduction of Tubing Leaks
  • Reduction of Friction
  • Reduction in Lifting Energy
  • Increasing of runtime for artificial lift systems (from 100 days up to 2000 days)

Modular Production Facilities

  • High flexibility through modular design
  • Easy and fast installation on site
  • High grade of availability through joint Stock-Holding
  • Same operation logics for all units (simplification for operating staff)
  • “Ready-to-operate” units
  • High degree of operational reliability
  • Modular upgradeable
  • High level of reusability

Dewatering of Gas Wells

  • Unloading of water by reduction of wellhead pressure
  • Experience with downhole pump for dewatering

Reduction of Well Head Pressure at Gas Wells by using mobile Compressor Units

  • Production from low pressure reservoirs (5 – 10 bar reservoir pressure)
  • Mobile compressors allows for WHFP (Wellhead flowing pressure) < 1 bar (g)
  • Ultimate Recovery 95% of GIIP (Gas initial in place)

We at Deepetro will be happy to provide further details on our technology portfolio and offer solutions in providing the best and right technology to bring overall operating cost down.